Fast, free, and open-source rightsizing of AWS accounts.

isitfit makes it easier & faster to scan an AWS account for oversized or idle EC2 instances or Redshift clusters. This is a topic that can directly affect your costs, but which often gets ignored until your CFO tunes in. With isitfit, you could identify rightsizing opportunities in less than 5 minutes regardless of the infrastructure size. It gets CPU utilization metrics from AWS Cloudwatch, and it can get memory metrics from Datadog if available.


Install with python's pip

pip3 install isitfit

Install with docker

docker pull autofitcloud/isitfit:latest

# drop within the docker container's terminal, where you can run `isitfit` commands
docker run -it -v ~/.aws:/root/.aws autofitcloud/isitfit:latest bash

Here's the list of implemented commands:

Action Command
Measure AWS account EC2/Redshift sizing efficiency isitfit cost analyze
Ditto, with filtering on tags isitfit --filter-tags=something cost analyze
Identify oversized EC2 instances or Redshift clusters isitfit cost optimize
Ditto, with filtering on tags isitfit --filter-tags=something cost optimize
Dump tags from AWS EC2 to CSV isitfit tags dump (yields name of CSV file in console)
Get tag suggestions from EC2 names isitfit tags suggest
Push tags from CSV to AWS EC2 isitfit tags push file.csv
prints help message isitfit --help

To schedule a call to the isitfit cost analyze command from cron to send you a weekly email every Monday morning at 9 am of your last week cost-weighted utilization, use:

0 9 1 * * * isitfit cost --profile=default --ndays=7 analyze

For further details, check the Concepts page, Installation page, or Usage page.


Apache License 2.0. Check file LICENSE


isitfit is brought to you by AutofitCloud, seeking to cut cloud waste on our planet 🌎.

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Shadi Akiki

Founder and CEO

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