Statistics and Usage Tracking

What data we collect and why

isitfit seeks to be driven by the usage and demand of the community.

We observe what users are doing by collecting various events and usage data, and we use this data to iterate and improve isitfit based on this gained insight. This includes things like the installed version of isitfit and the commands being used.

We do not use event payloads to collect any identifying information, and the data is used in aggregate to understand the community as a whole.

Here is an example of a collected event:

isitfit version:  0.10
Command issued:   cost analyze
Options used:     --n-days=7
Installation ID:  abcdef123456 (random per installation)

To collect these events, we use Matomo Cloud, whose privacy policy can be found here (scroll down to the section Ways Matomo protects the privacy of your users and customers). Matomo attaches the following information to each collected event:

Date/Time:        2019-10-05 12:34
IP address: # (anonymized)
IP city:          Jacksonville
IP country:       USA

If you use the --share-email option, the email address is stored by AWS SES to remember that it has already been verified. Prior to 2019-12-30, only the email's timestamp was stored to prevent abuse of the --share-email service. As of 2019-12-30, the email's contents are also stored to help us evaluate the usefulness of isitfit to users and potentially improve isitfit with any gained insight.

If you have any comments, feedback, or special needs about these statistics and usage tracking, please get in touch by filling out the form at and we'll figure out a solution together.

(This section was adapted from serverless)